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Project 07 /
Méli-Mélo Deli — Package Design

Background /This project is the result of a love for parisian food. It really is as simple as that. My class and I were assigned the task of developing a product line for a conceptual deli. Instead of looking to the future, as I have usually done in these type of situations, I decide it was time to look to the past and pay a little homage to the tried and true. Thus Méli-Mélo Deli was born.

Concept /Méli-Mélo means "mish mash" in french, a seemingly perfect title for a french-inspired delicatessen. From there, everything else fell into place. The color, typeface and illustration choices were made with the effort to revamp your favorite delicatessen from down the street. A touch of fabric, a hint of lavender and artisanal jars were all part of reminding you of a foundation. While Méli-Mélo might not exist, the feelings it evokes live on today.

Semester /
Fall 2017

Class /
Package Design 2

Instructor /
Jacques Rossouw

Deliverables /
Package Design

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