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Project 02 /
Airbnb Place — Group Package Design

Background /As a team, we were asked to create a brand identity for a conceptual retail store with an extensive corresponding product line. Airbnb Place was born as a result. Located in San Francisco, the store aims to bring the Airbnb experience to your own home. The idea that anyone can "Belong Anywhere."

Concept /
Airbnb Place is an artisanal home goods line. Each product is handcrafted and selected to represent the artist and the culture from which it comes from. The design is inspired
by Airbnb's fun and eclectic design aesthetic but also aims to keep things simple, allowing the product to do the talking. Finding that perfect harmony in the relationship between product and package meant research. Each new product came with a story and it was up to our team to support that. After 16 weeks of studying the community, manifesto and experience of Airbnb, Airbnb Place was born.

Semester /
Fall 2018

Class /
Package Design 4

Instructor /
Tom McNulty 

Deliverables /
Package Design
Print Design
Web Design

Teammates /
JungHwa Seo
Jordin Riley


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