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Project 08 /
The Study of Autism — A Book Design

Background /
The Study of Autism is a very near and dear project. Seen more as a personal project, its roots are deep. The task at hand was to develop a book for our Typography 2 class. For some of us, this would be our first time designing a book. This was the case for me, and I saw it as an opportunity to explore design. This book still stands as one of my favorite projects today.

Concept /Based off my niece, Kianna, the book is written and designed to portray the experiences a person with autism might have. As a young designer, I was eager to push the purpose of design and see if its power was capable of making something meaningful. Every page is uniquely designed to engage the reader and leave them feeling as if they understand autism. The front cover, the images and the words all come from the experiences I have had with Kianna, and some are directly from her. It was from this project that I discovered a side of design that excited me and kickstarted a journey that eventually led to this book.

Semester /
Spring 2016

Class /
Typography 2

Instructor /
David Hake

Deliverables /
Print Design

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