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Project 05 / Trinchero Winery — Boxed Wine Group Project

Background /Trinchero Family Estates is the fourth largest wine producer in the U.S. The company represents some 40 wine and spirits brands making its impact immeasurable. When Trinchero approached our package design class with a request, we were eager to jump on board. The objective was to create a boxed wine that targeted millennials, to solve the unused wine issue that was caused by the nozzle, and to provide users with a memorable experience.

Concept /With a team of four designers and one industrial designer, my team and I were excited to dive in. 16 weeks later, we came back with a revolutionary product. Titled "The Rocker," every part of this product is well used. The interior is built in a way so that the wine bladder sits on a slope, allowing the wine to gravitate naturally to the nozzle, solving the excess wine problem. Equipped with cups, a memorable experience was sure to happen. Lastly, the design. Based on the wineries process of making wine, the illustrations, colors and logo design are meant to seduce a younger target audience.

Semester /
Spring 2018

Class /
Package Design 3

Instructor /
Tom McNulty

Deliverables /
Package Design

Teammates /
John Nelson
Kevin Xu
Kurt Poo
Mengfang Ho

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