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Moléculaire — A Poetic Cookbook

Background /In the world of cooking, Molecular Gastronomy has made quite an impact. The practice seeks to generate new knowledge on the basis of the chemistry and physics behind culinary processes. A new breed of chefs has risen. Known as molecular gastronomists, the chef's are discovering new ways to use this process to their advantage. Some are more artistic than others. The book 'Moléculaire' highlights the workof three Michelin star chefs that have redefined what cooking and molecular gastronomy means to them.

Concept /Dominique Crenn, Ana Roš and Kamilla Seidler are some of the world's most important figures in the art of cooking. Each have taken the unconventional method of cooking and have developed an artistic purpose behind the science of their food. Within Moléculaire, readers can enjoy interviews, recipes and photographs of the artist's work. Each dish represents a different piece of the artist’s life and purpose.

Semester /
Spring 2017

Class /
Typography 3

Instructor /
Ariel Grey

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Print Design

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