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Project Six /
Manual — App Design

Background /
One afternoon I found myself on the side of the freeway with a popped tire. As anyone would be, I was stressed. I thought to myself "Why don't I know how to fix this?" I stood by my car and googled resources on how to teach myself this skill but discovered there was no single place that held all this information. It was then I realized there was an opportunity in front of me.

Concept /
Manual is an app experience designed for any car owner. It is a guide used during stressful situations. The app comes with professional tutorials and a tracking system to remind users of upcoming maintenance. Named after a car manual, Manual aims to educate car owners to be prepared for unplanned situations. Pulling from some of the most used apps on the market, the design aesthetic is meant to engage readers on a topic that might seem daunting. The colors and typeface choice are gender neutral, providing users of any kind to feel welcome.


Semester /
Spring 2018

Class /
Graphic Design 3

Instructor /
Paul Derby

UX/UI Design
Web Design

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