This is the design
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his is the design
site of Briana Van Koll.


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According to oxford english dictionary, collection is ”1/ the action of collecting or gathering together. 3/ A number of objects collected or gathered together, viewed as a whole; a group of things collected and arranged: a/ in a general sense; e.g. of extracts, historical or literary materials. 4/ A summing up, an abstract, summary. 6/ The action of collecting or bringing under control (one's thoughts, etc.); the action
of collecting oneself, or state of being collected; composure.” ("collection, n." OED Online, Oxford University Press, March 2019)


In the open canvas of this portfolio, where my ideas spread wide, the concept of "Collection" manifestly reveals itself. "Collection" is, concretely, a variety of work created during my time at the Academy. And yet, it is also something which surpasses the tangible form. It is a collection of hours spent studying, appreciating and pursuing knowledge. Its inspiration is the building of creative works, each project a window into my state as a designer. Taken together, these projects breathe life into a story that is the greater whole of whoI am. While reading, I invite you to consider each project as both a self-contained work and as part of a greater "Collection."


As we accumulate time through activity or craft, an eventual identity forms around it. Those who paint are painters, those who write are writers and so on. As such, an identity as des-igner has formed through my time studying design. While I acknowledge this reality, I do see myself differently. Rather, I am more than my title. I seek inspiration, solutions, art and purpose. From this pursuit, a design identity emerged.Its title serves as a beautiful birthmark.

This book serves as signs from the past, the present and to the future. As I enter the world of design fully, I welcome all future endeavors. I carry the hope that each experience serves a purpose; and with every one, lessons add to the collection of my life.

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