I always considered myself a pretty relaxed person. It wasn’t until
2020 took a dump on the world, that I realized I was more of a hot
mess than I knew. When coronavirus hit, I wasn’t prepared. Who was really? But when I say I wasn’t prepared, I am referring to the state of my mental health. My quarantine journey did not go without copious amounts of sleep, shower cries, cigarettes, online shopping, video games, wine, postmates...you get the picture. Without the distractions of the outside world, my tiny studio apartment turned into my own reality tv show. Time slowed down and I morphed into a hairy, half drunk witch who played zelda, called friends at odd hours and practiced tarot. It was hysterical and also really maddening.

The events that took place in 2020 shaped me entirely. I had no choice but to grow. So in an act of self preservation, I decided to create a visual diary of my 2020 experience. This book is the result.

Hope you enjoy.

BRIANA VAN KOLL         2020