Designer and photographer currently residing in Seattle, WA; working for
IBM as a Brand Experience Designer. 

Previously at Airbnb and Curology. If
you think we would be a good match for collaboration, feel free to reach out!

2020, A QUARANTINE ZINE          

An intimate personal project that
showcases and documents the 2020
experience (specifically mine) but
also possibly yours?

Experience the book here. 



A collection of projects achieved
while working as a Brand Experience
Designer at IBM.

This is currently under construction.
For further inquiry, please reach out.


An array of photographs and accompanying gradients. Meant to serve as a personal meditation tool during the chaos of quarantine, this project has adapted and grown into it’s own entity. With an instagram account and active followers, this fun and visually engaging project has become one of my favorite accomplishments.

Follow the account here: @gradients.of


WATSON WORKS          

Designing for a global pandemic.
Introducing Watson Works: a suite of
products that help companies work
safe, work smart, and guard the health,
safety and productivity of employees
in a changing workplace.

Visit the site here.

BRIANA VAN KOLL         2020